The Top Characteristics of Dimension Stones

by Leon Woodward
Properties of Stone


Stone is considered to be one of the most important materials for building and construction. It has been used for several years and has a lot of advantages- It is durable, strong, and weather resistant.

Stones are used for numerous purposes. They are used to construct buildings, slabs, walls or any physical property that needs to be strong. Construction is one of the primary activities that goes on in any society. When we talk about construction, it encompasses construction of roads, arches, drainage materials, building of schools, hospitals, religious houses and so on. One major material used for this purpose is ‘stone’.

The Role of the Stone Factory

The stone factory plays an important role in construction. Now, don’t confuse stone factories with mining factories. A stone factory looks similar to a mining factory but they are quite different because of stone factories manufacture and store materials made from only stones. It is responsible for the evacuation of stones and developing them into dimensions to fit different purposes.

At the factory, they are cut into various finished sizes, textures, and colors and regarded as dimension stones. It can then be used for monuments, pavements, furniture, manufacturing of ceramics, glass, pigments for paints and lots more.

Brief History

The use of stone dates back to the advent of civilization. It was used to craft sculptures and build pyramids. It has always been readily available in different classifications that make them good or bad depending on what it is meant for.

A stone factory specializes in the manufacturing of finished materials made from stone. They make use of highly specialized equipment to extract the stones.

Stone is appreciated for its aesthetic appeal and the fact that it can be used for simple and complex architecture. Some of the most popular types of stones include sandstone, limestone, marble, granite, gneiss, slate and serpentine. Stones used for structural purposes are regarded as building stones.

Why you should choose Stone Factory

One can purchase engineered stones made into various types and colors of granite, marbles, tiles ornaments etc. Also, some factories allow customers pick raw materials by themselves before it is subsequently manufactured into their preferred finished product.

This avails customers the choice of picking styles that satisfies their preference.

The stone factory may sometimes go as far as mounting the finished materials for customers in their homes or places where the material is required. The factory masters its craft, so the quality of their products is guaranteed.

They ensure that their materials go through all the necessary processes and checks before it is handed over to a customer. This way, the customer is assured that the final product fits the description and is fit for use.

Stones that are meant to be engineered have to be properly selected for its physical properties because only stones with proper physical properties will make fine finished products. These properties include;

  • Texture: It is best to select homogenous stones because they are usually durable and strong.
  • Density: Heavier stones are preferable for buildings because they are stronger and more suitable.
  • Structure: The structure of the stone will determine what it should be used for. Layered stones are easy to dress and they can be cut and shaped into dimension stones.

However, unstratified stones are not easy to dress and it is advised to use them to lay foundations.

  • Weathering: Stones with good weather resistance should be used.
  • Porosity to water: Stones have pores that tend to absorb water. However, it is necessary to select stones that do not absorb water easily and quickly.
  • Hardness: Hard stones are preferable for pavements, floors, roadworks, etc.

Properties like these in the stone will make it suitable for use to produce amazing finished products.

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