How Much Does A Cheap TV Cost?

by Leon Woodward

Are you thinking of getting a cheap TV for your home? Perhaps you moved recently and would want your own TV. It could also be that your previous TV finally gave up and you now need a new one. Regardless of what the reason is, the search for a TV can be quite terrifying if you are on a budget.

TV pas Cher (Cheap TV) is easy to get when you know where to look. It’s also important you know how much you will need to spend. This article will consider what the average price of TVs is and how you can successfully beat down the price.

How much does a Cheap TV cost?

The issue of cheap TV is certainly not straightforward. Certain factors all contribute to making a TV cheap or expensive. Generally, the average price of a TV is around $1000. That price can climb as high as $10000 or go down to about $300.

To get the most when buying a TV, here are some factors that definitely cost.

1. How Many Inches Is Your TV?

The number of inches that come with the TV plays an immense role in price estimation. For example, a TV that is just about 40 inches will cost on average $600. That price can go as low as $400 with some brands. If you are going for a much bigger TV (65 inches or more), then the average price shoots up to $6000. However, that price can be beaten down to about $4500.

TVs that are less than 40 inches will be much cheaper to get.

2. LCD or DLP?

The LCD vs DLP question can also affect prices. You’ll quickly find that while the DLP prices reflect the much larger TVs, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are more expensive than LCD TV.

For DLP, the starting price is usually much higher. A 65 inch TV is probably one of the smallest DLP TV you’ll find. That can go up to about 82 inches. LCD is more related to plasma TVs. While the smaller TVs have a cheaper price, the bigger TVs and brands can see the price skyrocket.

3. Additional Features and Accessories

You also have to keep an eye on the various features and accessories. This might include remotes, internet abilities, and much more. The more features a TV has, the more expensive it is going to be. You can easily find out what features a TV has. If you are buying from an online shop, all you have to do is to read the description that comes with it. That should tell you the entire story.


Buying a cheap TV is no doubt a skillful act. You have to know exactly what you are looking for and know the limit to your budget. Knowing these things will ensure you do not spend more than you budget for. It will also mean that you get the right TV for your room.

So, make the needed research and keep winning.

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