Amazing Ways You Can Use Flower Pots At Home

by Leon Woodward

Chances are when you think about flower pots, the first thing you’ll likely think about are the flowers in your garden, or on your porch. Well, although flower pots were specifically made for flowers, there are so many other things they can be used for other than holding plants on the patio, porch, or in your garden.

There are so many remarkable things you can do with your pot de fleur. All it takes is a little creativity, some paint, glue, and you’re good to go.

Great Ways to Use Flower Pots

Convert Flower Pots to Makeshift Food Covers

One of the challenges with eating outside is having to ward off bugs from your food. This could take the fun away from having a nice picnic with friends. To prevent this, you can convert your pots into food covers to keep the bugs away. All you need to do is simply paint the pot into a preferred color, create a small hole at the bottom of the pot, then slip a knotted rope into the hole. Afterward, you can simply turn the pot over and place it over your food.

Use Flower Pots to Hold Wine Bottles

Surprised? Well, your flower pots can also be designed to store your favorite wine. All you need to do is to glue several pots together, paint them into any desired color, and simply store your wine bottles inside. To add a more authentic design, you can add some fake grapes in the flower pots. This way, you can easily access your wine whenever you need them.

Flower Pots Can Serve as Your DIY Bathroom Organizer

Paint your flower pots with colors you feel will match the decorations in your bathroom. Fill these pots with cotton balls, Q-tips, toothbrushes, and other items. You can be sure that they will look nice as they add beauty to your bathroom. Additionally, you can be sure that your bathroom will be tidy and organized.

Convert Your Flower Pot To A Bird Feeder

Just as you can convert flower pots to a birdbath, you can also touch your pot to create a bird feeder. The process of making one is so simple. Simply drill a few holes at the bottom of the clay pot, attach the pot to a saucer at the bottom. Next, drill a small hole at the center of a loose saucer and place it on top of the pot. Then, run a knotted cord through the hole in the saucer and flower pot.

Use Your Flower Pot to Hold Your Plunger

You can also use your flower pot to add some more beauty to your bathroom by using it to hold your plunger. Get a medium flower pot and a saucer, paint the pot and saucer into any color you feel will match your bathroom décor, and place the plunger in your bathroom. Remember to clean up the plunger holder from time to time. You can do this for all the bathrooms in your home and add a unique touch to your bathroom aesthetics.

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