The Complete Guide to Pressure Washers

by Leon Woodward

When it comes to cleaning, be it your driveway, patio tiles, fences, outdoor furniture, or even vehicles, wall-mounted pressure washers immediately come to mind.

You’ll find that scrubbing isn’t what you’ll call convenient, as it involves putting in a lot of effort which doesn’t necessarily guarantee a spotless, smudge-free surface. So what do you do when nothing else seems to cut it?

The simple solution would be to purchase a Pressure Washer. All you need to do is walk into a local store that deals in household appliances.

If there aren’t any stores that sell one of these around your vicinity, then you should consider ordering one online.

How Pressure Washers work

Pressure washers perform exactly as their name implies. A standard pressure washer is fitted with a water pump that should be able to disperse at least a gallon of water in a minute.

There should also be a compartment meant for storing detergent and a hose that is linked to a gun spray.

At the end of the gun is a relatively small opening, called a nozzle, through which the mixed detergent and water are pumped out.

This opening slightly increases the pressure at which the water is sprayed, so as facilitate a cleaner wash.

These machines are designed to pump out water through hoses at a pressure high enough to wipe off stains and dirt, without causing any damages to whatever you intend to clean.

Why do you need a Pressure Washer?

Not only is a pressure washer a lot more time effective compared to other modes of cleaning.

It is also quite simple to use and easy on the hands, especially when dealing with deep-seated and tough stains.

Meaning, unlike using a brush, it absolutely won’t leave your fingers sore.

Cons of Using a Pressure Washer

Owning a pressure washer certainly has its perks. However, there are a few things to consider when using one.

It’s important to note that it’s much more suited for outside use. Otherwise, you run a risk of water spilling on and damaging your possessions if it is used internally.

Since Pressure Washers spray water at very high pressure. You have to be a little careful about where you stand and what angle you are spraying at.

As the water might spray off dirt in your direction, or even on perfectly clean surfaces, hence adding to your workload.

While they are easy to utilize, they do however require a lot of water. Therefore you should make sure that you have sufficient water, before putting this equipment to use.

They also tend to make a lot of noise. With this in mind, you should probably have some earplugs with you before making use of them.

However, it is optional if you don’t have a lot of work on your hands and don’t expect to take too long.

You should only use a pressure Washer for cleaning sturdy surfaces and equipment. Using it on items that show signs of tear can further deteriorate their current state.

All things considered, when proper steps are taken before and while making use of a Pressure Washer, the results should be nothing less than satisfactory.

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