Why Should I go for the Retractable Hose?

by Leon Woodward

Garden hoses and equipment are essential to making the best out of your gardening experience. The need for a decent garden hose cannot be taken for granted. The retractable feature of the Giraffe heavy-duty hose is a key one. Most of the users so far particularly enjoy this feature. In this article, we will look at the awesome features of the Giraffe retractable heavy-duty garden hose here https://giraffetools.com/products/retractable-garden-hose-reel.

Features of the Giraffe Retractable Heavy Duty Garden Hose

1. Able to Retract

The major and most vital feature of the retractable hose is in the name. It is retractable. What exactly does this mean? It means for starters, that the hose will remain out of the way. Both the 90 ft and 130 ft hybrid hose reels have this function. Which makes handling them relatively easier.

With just a slight tug (pulling in motion) the hoses could be almost flawlessly retracted. So one does not have to go through the stress of manually rolling up the hoses. The retraction is done while avoiding every sort of kink.

Next time the hose is being used, there is no need to go through the process of straightening. Imagine using a hose whenever at whatever part of your garden without having to worry about rolling it up afterward. That is a major relief.

2. Locking Factor

The second feature we will be looking at will have to be the “locking factor”. The hose could be reeled to any length or point in the garden and used. As long as it is long enough, one does not need to worry about its flexibility.

The giraffe retractable heavy-duty garden hose comfortably covers a large garden. This feature is complemented largely by the fact that the hose is retractable. So it could be drawn to any length without worrying about rolling it up after use.

3. Polypropylene Casing

Its third feature will have to be the hose’s top-quality polypropylene casing. This is the reason why purchasing a giraffe hose is an excellent choice. Particularly for those who need to use the hoses regularly. The polypropylene casing differentiates this hose from the rest available in the market. This special casing is the major reason the hose has an extremely long life span.

The life span of the hose is one of its selling points. People buy the hose because they can trust it to serve them for a decent period. The casing allows the hose to withstand various external or environmental factors. From the heat of the sun to the battering of the rain, the giraffe hoses will not easily deform or fade.


The hose was designed with all sorts of people in mind. So if a person always rolls up the hose after use, the giraffe hose has made that easier. But if one tends to just leave out the hose until later on, this hose is for them. This is because it could withstand any weather conditions. So get a giraffe retractable heavy-duty garden hose today. There are lots of benefits to be enjoyed.

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