Best Knives For Performing Multiple Tasks

by Leon Woodward

A kitchen is an important place in any house, and it is the place where food is stored and prepared. The person tasked with operating the kitchen is called the chef, and the chef is responsible for every operation in the kitchen, especially for commercial kitchens. The capacity and degree to which a chef can operate depends on the equipment and tools at the chef’s disposal. Also, specific tools are must-haves in the kitchen, without which a chef cannot operate effectively. And the kitchen knife is a typical example of a must-have tool.

A kitchen knife is a cutting tool used in the kitchen to carry out different cutting tasks. The knife is considered a crucial tool in the kitchen because there’s only so much that can be done without a kitchen knife and food preparation becomes a lot more complicated. There are different types of kitchen knives available, and they all have different functions. However, specific knives can perform multiple functions in the kitchen, and such knives are referred to as multipurpose knives. This article highlights the best multipurpose kitchen knives, on-sale cutleries, and more.

Best Multipurpose Knives

Multipurpose knives can be used to carry out more than one cutting task effectively in the kitchen. Here is a list of the best multipurpose kitchen knives and their various functions.

  1. The chef’s knife: The chef’s knife is arguably the most used in both private and commercial kitchens. It can be used to perform several cutting tasks in the kitchen, making it a chef’s favorite and the first on the list of top multipurpose knives.


  • Cutting the meat into smaller pieces
  • Slicing vegetables and herbs
  • Preparing fruits
  • Cutting hard foods
  1. Paring knife: A paring knife is the smaller version of a chef’s knife, and they are often crafted similarly. The paring knife often weighs a lot less than the chef’s knife, and its blade sizes range from 6 – 9 inches. Their small sizes make them ideal for intricate and more precise cuts, but they can not cut big and ticker items in the kitchen. They are also considered multipurpose knives because they can be used for different cutting assignments.


  • Dicing vegetables
  • Cutting preparing smaller fruits
  • Trimming
  • Removing fruit seeds
  • Peeling fruits and vegetables
  1. Utility Knife: The utility knife is a small kitchen knife shaped like the chef’s knife but is smaller. As the name suggests, the utility knife is a multipurpose kitchen knife that can be used when a task is too small for a chef knife or when a cutting task is too big for a paring knife. Therefore, the utility knife can be used in place of a chef’s knife or a paring knife, but it is not as efficient as both.


  • Cutting vegetables
  • Chopping meat into smaller pieces
  • Peeling fruits and vegetables
  • Trimming fruits


Multipurpose knives can act as a close substitute when other knives are not available. And although they may not be as effective as the designated knife for a particular task, they can function almost as well.

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