Different Types Of Kitchen Sinks For Your Home

by Leon Woodward

In order to complete the several outlooks of your kitchen sink, you need your kitchen sink to be selected and don’t properly. You need to choose one that isn’t just functional but also visually appealing to use and see. It also has to go with your kitchen faucets and should be able to handle all the necessary functions it has been installed to do.

If you’re looking for the various kitchen sink types for your kitchen, you’re in luck. Here are both styles, materials and sizes which are good for you. Although good sinks can be a little bit expensive, they are usually worth it. They are also not as expensive as the general cost of a new kitchen.

You can pick a design that suits your home style while offering the necessary functions. Sinks are usually used for washing the dishes, washing food items and of course preparing food amongst others. So you need one that suits these needs while being attractive, sustainable and easy to maintain.

Various types of kitchen sink are usually made with various materials. Some of these varieties include stainless sinks, double bowl sinks, cast iron sinks, copper sinks etc. Below are types of sinks to help in your decision making.

Types of Kitchen Sinks

The various types of kitchen sinks include

The Flush-mounts

These sinks approve any of kind of design. It is usually made with the same countertop color to give it a nice blend. It can also come with a different body from the rest of the countertop. However it blends a lot better.

The Under-mount
This sink is attached just underneath the counter top. This means the base of your cabinet offers the support it needs. Making it look a little more uniform and consistent. An under-mount is also made with solid surface countertops. You can get it installed on both composite of marble surfaces without a worry.


This model tends to fit just above the cabinet countertop. It can be fixed to any surface with any form of adhesive such as cement. It’s a great choice when installing.

Farm House

This is also known as the apron skink. It usually comes with rounded edges that match the inside of the basin. It is also placed at the middle of a countertop when cutting is done. It is usually a go to for farmhouse kitchens.

Bar Sink

This is also known as a prep sink. It’s a go for when you need a smaller sink. It’s made with preparing certain kinds of food in mind. It has a minimal body.


This sink is made for larger countertops. Lots of manufacturers opt to make countertops just where the sink has been installed. Making it easier.


Just as the name implies, it is made with a kitchen island. It is designed to fit right into the middle of your kitchen. It also comes with pillars that cover all necessary plumbing.

Knowing the types of kitchen sinks out there makes it easier for you to make a choice.

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