Two things to know about remote manufacturing right now

by Leon Woodward

A lot of people are moving to remote work when possible to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Is this possible with manufacturing?

Often times, the answer is yes if you have the right tools!

Here are two things you should know about remote manufacturing right now.

1. You will need data access

Do you currently have a way to access your data remotely?

Creating that connection is obviously very important if you want to monitor remotely.

Don’t skip steps here – make sure that the data being transferred is accurate and secure.

One big benefit of using sensors and analytics is transparency. This becomes even more important if you can’t be there physically.

2. Now is a good time to make this change

Could there be a better time to invest in this technology?

We think this tool is important and valuable no matter what, but now is really the perfect time to take that step.

It can help you keep up production while working from home and it can continue to benefit you after this pandemic is over! Plus, you will be more prepared for the unknown in the future.

Forbes reported, “Taking action today to enable remote monitoring and other contingency plans will not only support business continuity today but help you become more resilient in the future. Pandemics, natural disasters and other challenges, like a skilled labor shortage, can happen at any time.”

Ask us about remote manufacturing today!

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